Alison Lock - Poet, Writer

'Like a gentle voice in your ear, these poems speak of love 
and life and pain and war with words so precisely-chosen 
they will make you tremble' - Laura Sheridan.

Dancing with Words

New date for 2018 to be announced:

Hedd Wen Peace Garden

A day of creative writing inspired by movement.

Using simple forms of movement we will explore our stories and begin our creative writing journey. In the afternoon we shall walk in the beautiful garden of Hedd Wen and beyond (depending on weather) taking our words with us, nurturing and deepening our experience in the natural world, and returning to write our stories or poems.

Ty Gwyn

Kiln Road




Tel: 01873 855 499

Dates for next year:

Introduction to Life Writing for Transformation. Woodbrooke Centre, Birmingham.

 17.05.18 - 20.05.18

Alison Lock and Farrukh Akhtar

There is no agony like bearing the untold story inside you.” ~Maya Angelou
Where ever you are in your life writing journey, this course provides an inspiring retreat. It introduces many of the tools of Transformative Writing™ that help minimise the inner critic, enabling you to re-connect with your authentic voice.

Transformative Writing™ brings together the reflective, expressive, healing tradition of personal writing (journal, diary, memoir), and the artistic, creative tradition of literary writing (poetry, short story, fiction). Uniting the two produces a unique blend of intimacy and universality that maintains the integrity of each elemental aspect of its origin. Joanne Klassen.

Take a look at the home of Life Writing for Transformation: Heartspace Writing School

Dancing with Words is also coming to Woodbrooke 

26.05.18 - 28.05.18

Alison Lock and Ann Bettys

I also work with Anna Levin to run courses on nature-writing and life-writing. Our last workshop in Scotland was very successful and we hope to do many more.


Feedback from Gentle Writing, Gentle Movement course -  Swarthmoor Hall, Ulverston, April 2015.
'Sustaining empathy and understanding'.
'Steady unhurried pace but getting through the course content'.
'I found the movement sessions complemented the day'.