Alison Lock - Poet, Writer

'Like a gentle voice in your ear, these poems speak of love 
and life and pain and war with words so precisely-chosen 
they will make you tremble' - Laura Sheridan.

A performance of 'eye of the heron' at the launch of the Holmfirth Arts Festival, Choppards Mission, Holmfirth, June 13th 2013.  With musician Robin Bowles and photographer Richard Raby.

'eye of the heron' on soundcloud.


We had some lovely feedback from the event:

 - I am not really into poetry but I really enjoyed the combination of words, music & images.

- It was an ideal opening event. It worked well.  

- The poetry reading set to music was more than the sum of its parts. Excellent and held at the right time of day.  The evening  summer light  filtered through the beautiful windows and enhanced the performance.An excellent beginning to the Festival.  

- A really charming event.

- Lovely event, very nice atmosphere

- Venue just right, and a really nice event to open the festival.

People thoroughly enjoyed it.



'eye of the heron' - written for Holmfirth Arts Festival 2013