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and life and pain and war with words so precisely-chosen 
they will make you tremble' - Laura Sheridan.

Blog: Of Words and Wings

Maysun and the Wingfish

Posted on May 5, 2016 at 5:35 PM

'Maysun and the Wingfish' was inspired by a vision – a dream-like image of a girl standing near the edge of a lake. Her voice echoes across the valley in a series of ululations and her arms rise and fall gracefully as if she is conducting an orchestra. This is a quiet symphony – a few gentle pops to begin with as the bubbles form followed by tiny splashes. Soon hundreds of fish heads break through the surface – they watch the girl as she swings her arms and points and beckons. They rise in unison, swaying one way and then the other, higher and higher above the lake. But they are no ordinary fish: these are the Wingfish, and whenever the girl calls they gather and rise in response, their scales flash as they flow in a stream of whirls and loops until they form a glittering symbol of infinity.

This tale began life as a short story and when it was published (and had won a 1st prize) I let it rest – until I once again heard the calling of the Wingfish. That was when the land of the Watterishi came thundering back onto my screen with a rare astronomic event; a cataclysm that leaves Maysun's valley in a state of devastation. How will the Wingfish survive? What will happen to Maysun? And then there are the folk who live in the Mountain above the Ruba Forest – those strange trees that divide the once warring tribes of the Watterishi and the Peakerfolk.

From a humble beginning, Maysun and the Wingfish developed into a story set in a strange and unforgiving environment: there are creatures of the natural and the supernatural, folk who are good – and some, not so – as well as Wolfdogs and Wingfish. Maysun is the only one who can restore harmony and to do that she must face her fears by seeking strength from a source she never knew existed.


'Maysun and the Wingfish' is available from the publisher at MothersMilkBooks.





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